Why Virtual

Why Go From Brick & Mortar To A Virtual Home Realty?

It’s simple, most real estate agents receive a small percentage of their business from their brokerage and that business comes as a pretty penny such as signup, monthly or annual fees, desk fees, tech fees or undesirable commission splits. So we at Wiser Way Realty think with a little encouragement, most agents that are able to get their own leads and know how to close a deal, deserve more of their hard earned commission.

Do you enjoy helping people buy and sell their homes and would prefer to leave the BIC management and responsibilities of firm ownership to someone else??? Then this may be a good fit for you! We are here to help you, “cut the cord” enabling you to run your business freely, focusing on your own priorities and client.

We formed Wiser Way Realty to give agents a well-deserved alternative to both the “lopsided commission draining” and the challenges of going it alone (additional burdens, costs and lack of real support).

With all the additional commission income retained by our agents, they can afford nicer home offices, shared executive suites, or even professional private offices. The choice is yours.

Is it difficult to work virtually?

Not a all, many of you are already doing that with your own computer, printer and scanner right from your own home! If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that working from home is not only necessary, but easier than we once use to believe.

Also, our 24/7 agent login back-office area will assist you with current forms to download, checklists for documents to be completed and forwarded for compliance, and helpful contact links at the NC Real Estate Commission. We’re also here by phone or text to assist you when the occasional need arises.

Working smarter instead of harder has never been easier. Please contact us to learn more about why we just might be the best choice for you.

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Photo: Image by Free-Photos by Pixabay