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How Can I Join Wiser Way Realty?  Please click => HERE <= for more information.

How Soon Do I Get Paid?  When transactions are closed and satisfies our requirements (compliance review, cleared attorney closing check(s), etc.), we will write you a check.

Are Commissions In Real Estate Transactions Negotiable?  Yes, commissions are not set by law and are negotiable.

What Escrow Company Is The Best To Choose?  You’re free to select any escrow agent or closing attorney that handles escrow money. PLEASE NOTE: Wiser Way Realty does not hold Earnest Money or any other escrow funds for its agents or their principals.

Do You Provide Workers Compensation Insurance?  NO, however, independent contractors are advised to consult with their own insurers for coverage.

Can I Sign Up To A Multiple Listing Service?  Yes, after becoming a member of a local Real Estate Association, you may get access to the MLS service. NOTE: You are responsible for any and all fees associated with the local MLS(s) you subscribe to.

Am I An Employee Or Independent Contractor?  You are an Independent Contractor, not an employee.

What Is The Fee For Risk Management And E & O?  Errors and Omission insurance is provided at no charge by Wiser Way Realty.

Do I Need To Have Experience?  Yes! We require experienced agents only; no Provisional Brokers, who require supervision, will be approved for affiliation. Our business model is geared for long standing experienced full Brokers.

Do I Need To Be Licensed Real Estate Agent?  Yes, you must have a current, valid real estate license to become an agent with us. Also, see above question on experience.

Do You Provide Local Real Estate Leads?  No, as an experienced agent we expect you to pursue your own lead generating systems, (e.g. – referrals, prospecting, 3rd party lead gen programs, zillow, etc.).

Do You Impose Any Sale Quotas?   Yes. To remain active with our brokerage, you must complete a minimum of one transaction per year.

Am I Required to Display WWR Name and/or Logo(s) on my Signs and Marketing Materials? Personal branding is encouraged, however, the WWR name and/or logo needs to be denoted somewhere on any and all advertising materials for firm identification purposes. NOTE: This is a Real Estate Commission requirement; there are no exceptions.

How Do I Get Real Estate Signs, Business Cards, Etc.?   You may contact any vendor you like for production. However, you need to display our name or our logo on all marketing materials. Also see, “Am I required to display WWR name and/or logo(s) on my signs and marketing materials?”, above.

Can I Work From Home Or My Office?  Yes, you can work from any place you prefer.

Can I purchase and sell my own properties through WWR? Yes, however transaction fees apply in both (buy & sale) instances.

What transaction fee does WWR charge? Two Hundred Fifty ($250.00) Dollars for each transaction; for any and all transactions.

Are There Any Weekly Office Meetings?  NO! We do not require attendance at any weekly or monthly meetings.

What about Referrals? If you’re the recipient of one, the transaction is still treated as a normal buy or sell event, with the appropriate transaction fee being applicable. If you’re giving a referral out, then Wiser Way Realty charges no transaction fee to the agent who gives the referral when they receive compensation for the closed transaction.

Do You Have A Transaction Coordinator?  No! It’s your choice to work with independent Transaction Coordinators for a fee if you choose.

Is There An Enrollment Fee For Wiser Way Realty?  No, just fill out the registration forms and independent contract, meet our qualifications (see questions above), and you will become part of our growing organization.

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